Table pennants are symbols of pride, unity, and achievement. Whether you need pennants for a corporate event, sports occasion, celebration, or any other purpose, we guarantee the highest quality standards and a personalized approach to each customer.

Personalization and Quality

We take pride in offering products that meet your needs and expectations. Our clients can choose from various sizes, shapes, and designs. We also provide personalization services to make each pennant unique and expressive.

The Art of Table pennant Production

Selection of High-Quality Materials: We use only the finest fabrics to ensure your pennants are durable, shape and maintain their vibrant colors.

Design: Pennants can be ordered with your own logo, text or graphics. In cooperation with the client, we create designs and the best solutions.

Precise Printing: We use modern printing technology to ensure the bright colors of the pennants.

Professional Stitching: All our pennants are meticulously stitched to guarantee their long service life. Pennants are handmade.


  • 6 templates to choose. You can also choose the color of accessories – fringe, tassels, cord
  • Nickel-plated vertical and transverse rod
  • Classic marble stand size 8x8x2 cm
  • White presentable box

Examples of pennants made by Arsilk

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If you are looking for a reliable pennant manufacturer, turn to us. Our pennants are not only colorful and expressive but also sturdy and long-lasting. We guarantee the highest quality in every pennant we produce and will be delighted to help you stand out and emphasize what is important to you.

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